Stable Video Diffusion Training Video Models

Stable Video Diffusion Image Pretraining For image pretraining, the paper discusses initially pretraining a Diffuse Transformer on a large-scale semantic segmentation dataset called CC-12M. This was done using self-supervised learning to acquire strong image representation capabilities. The pretraining enabled the model to recognize visual details and structures in images such as faces, objects etc. Subsequently, ... Read more

Stable Video Diffusion: How to Use It and What It Is?

Stability Releases Groundbreaking New AI Tool: Stable Video Diffusion Stability is thrilled to announce the launch of Stable Video Diffusion, marking a major step forward in generative AI. Leveraging the company's expertise in image diffusion models, Stable Video Diffusion is the first-ever release capable of generating high-quality video sequences directly from text. Powered by the ... Read more